When To Consider Individual Therapy

Individuals choose to come for therapy for a variety of reasons. Some individuals may have experienced a traumatic event or significant life change that they are struggling to deal with, while others may feel as though they are depressed or experiencing anxiety. As individuals grow and change, they often feel the need to delve deeper within themselves to understand relationships, past events and personality types. 
When To Consider Couples Therapy

Relationships have the dual ability to be both extremely rewarding and very challenging. During the course of a relationship, individuals may encounter barriers which could cause them great distress or may make them question their relationship. It is rewarding to assist couples in navigating difficult spaces as well as working with them to facilitate reaching their relationship and couple goals. Couples therapy can also assist in identifying destructive patterns that have emerged in the relationship, assist in pinpointing the feelings evoked in the individual and the couple, as well as finding and utilising the right tools to enable the couple to alter their perceptions and allow for the building of a healthy relationship.

When To Consider Adolescent Therapy 
Adolescents often struggle with developing their own identity and finding their place in the world. Many adolescents feel they will grow with some deeper introspection into their personality, relationships or past events. Adolescence is a difficult time for most teenagers as they struggle with issues of identity, sexuality, and various other challenges uniquely associated with this period of life. At times, adolescents may require additional support in the form of therapy, to assist them with difficulties connected with adjusting to various life challenges that present themselves.

Whatever brings the client into therapy, I strive toward creating a professional, non-judgemental relationship and space where the client feels understood and secure in both pursuing their therapy goals and discussing their reservations.

I provide support in the form of:

•    Online Psychotherapy
•    Individual Psychotherapy
•    Adolescent Psychotherapy
•    Couple Psychotherapy

Other difficulties I work with include:
•    Adjustment to life events 
•    Anger and other negative behaviours
•    Anxiety, phobias and panic attacks
•    Depression and other mood disorders
•    Gender identity
•    Marriage and relationship difficulties
•    Physical, emotional and sexual abuse
•    Sexual orientation challenges
•    Trauma